A Broader Convergence Strategy that delivers better results

April 15, 2014 Durham, NC United States

Every organization wants to add efficiency, performance and resiliency to their IT infrastructure. You want to respond rapidly to the demands of the organization, meet deadlines and deliver services for the most critical business initiatives. But convergence isn’t a single technology, and it isn’t simply converging infrastructure. It is an approach and strategy that touches all of IT: infrastructure, management, applications and service delivery.

You’re invited to a complimentary lunch and learn that will show you a different approach to convergence, a way to converge on your terms – and not just infrastructure.

We will show you how Dell can help you:


  • Collapse management of physical and virtual IT assets into a more centralized pool


  • By deploying pre-tested and pre-integrated solutions


  • Simplify and collapse the management of IT across legacy, traditional, virtual, and cloud assets

Dell Active Infrastructure solutions can deliver better organizational results by uniquely improving efficiency and agility and bringing together key IT elements: compute, storage, networking & management. Rapidly respond to dynamic business demands, maximize data center efficiency, and empower greater IT success.